Catch A Fish

I’m gonna catch a Fish Bigger than a Boat 
I’m gonna catch a Fish Bigger than a Boat 
If I loose that fish I’m gonna have the Blues

I’m gonna row out by myself 
on a tiny boat, old and grey (old and grey) 
it’s a sunny day on a little lake 
I am far from Home, ain’t never comin’ back 
if I ever get the chance, to catch a fish (catch a fish) 
it’s gonna be today, tomorrow will be too late

Waves are getting bigger, get a Little higher 
and stormy winds are blowin', make my boat shaking (Shake - Shaking)
Where's that sunny day, now it's dark and grey
Wish I was home, turning back the time
Somebody's waiting, just for me (just for me)
Oh, my baby's love's so sweet, like sugar can be

Gonna Put it in a pan till it’s nice and brown 
Makes me feel like a king without a crown 
I'm gonna Catch, bigger than a boat Oh, 
honey you got me singing like a bee


Robber Man & Gangster Girl

Billie’s always on the run
He will never rest
He can get all the girls
In wild wild west
Harry is the oneWith the bluest eyes on earthloving tender, loving sweetand this is how it worksFrankie is a muscle manA really hard oneHe can build you a Houseyeah it will be doneLuke's Gonna be the manThe man of your dreamsHe's got Money, he got powerand this is how it seems
I just love my robber man
He’s always on the run
Dancing with his gun
I just love my robber man
because he stole my heart

Lucy is a wonderful pretty Little thing
she Plays guitar, Plays banjo
and she sings
Claire she is a farmer Girl 
a really strong woman
she's got fire, she got muscle
just like a man
Annie is a funny one
but also sweet and smart
riding horses, selling guns
doo doo doo doo
belle she's gonna be 
the Girl of your dreams
and she's the cream of the cream

but i just love my Gangster girl
always on the run
in her Hands a gun
i just love my Gangster girl
riding through the dark
with her in my arms
i just love my Gangster Girl 
because she stole my heart


Kitty Hawk

Some people landed on the moon
about 70 years before, two guys said
"we're gonna fly soon
They believed, every man could fly (Like Birds)
Nobody believed their words

Thake that wood
Cut that paper
The Kitty Hawk is gonna fly
We Need no fuel
Ain't no Motor running
That Kitty Hawk is gonna fly
it's gonna fly, gonna fly

Some People tried it before
but those Brothers we're right
and they pushed that open door
The only dangerous Thing is the earth
Feeling like an eagle
That's what it's worth

Never Let You Go

You told me that you don't want a friend
I just wanted to hold your hand
Oh Baby I won't ever let you go
Oh No, no, no, no, no

Started 'bout a year ago
I went to the rock and roll show
And I saw you there
Working behind the bar
Don't know how much time it took
I was like a Fish on the hook
You had that loving look
Must have come out of a fairytale book

Someday I've seen you again
I thought I'm gonna take that chance
I couldn't tell was it was
But my heart was made out of glass
Don't know why I smiled all the time
I just wanted you to be mine
Been bitten once or twice
but I'm no too shy


Walk the streets and i think
I can’t handle this
Cross the street and I remember
All those experience
Every little house
Every little storm

And this river
This magic old forest
Do you remember
Do you remember
Can you remember

I swear I’m coming home
I know, wherever I will go
All those memories and tears of love
They let me know
I’m home
This is home
I’m home

Love Love Love

When the time is Standing still 
while you look in my eyes...
When You Make A Fool Of Yourself
Just to Make me smile
When You Know What's Going On
When I Can't Stop To Cry
'Cause You Know Me The Best
Whether I Got Low Or High

I say love love love
love love love